Xavi receives a ticket for the Champions League

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Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has revealed their main focus this season is Champions League qualification.

The Catalan elite are scheduled. To host Atletico Madrid in La Liga tonight.

This will be a meeting of the two teams vying for the Champions League quota, with the “Aliens” still just one point behind fourth-placed

Atletico. is to win the Champions League quota.

FC Barcelona manager Xavi probably realizes by now that he has walked into a dumpster fire — at least as far as European football is concerned.

That status was made official courtesy of Bayern Munich.

A squad lacking direction, focus, and talent that can mesh will require Xavi to oversee both an overhaul of the roster and the mindset of the club. When it came to assessing how FC Barcelona performed against Bayern Munich, Xavi did not hold back. Ufabet report

“Champions League qualification is our main goal,” he said, according to Marca

, “and from now on we will not rule out any possibility. As long as it’s mathematically possible.”

“I’m still excited. Both with the players we have and the new players who have signed in. I believe we can improve.”

Xavi also added that they may use the Europa League win as another way to move up to major tournaments. which they have to face Napoli in the knockout round