Conte is sad ‘Kai’ is strong, being suspended for the national

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Antonio Conte, the Tottenham Hotspur manager, is very pleased with the performance of his players. But secretly regretting that pushing to meet during the break of the national team to separate the greatness of the team during this period After the Golden Spurs home game against West Ham 3-1.

“I’m very happy, not just the three points, but also the performance,” Conte said after the game.

“Today we played really well. We dominate the game from start to finish. I really enjoyed watching my team play football like this. Now I have to reiterate that We have to keep working and improving every week.

And after seeing his side bounce back from their disappointing weekend loss to Manchester United, Conte believed his side deserved credit. He said: “The team put in a very good performance, the last period I am seeing great improvement. I said before this game that in the last five games we scored a lot of goals, five against Everton, four against Leeds away, three at Manchester City, two goals against Manchester United and also two here.

Because we’re in great form. are playing well but even then I think we’re resting.”

“I think my team is improving in many areas. In the past, I may have lost a lot. But the performance is still good. To be a strong team you have to be in solid form.”