After drinking long time, I just learned that “milk tea” is a drink

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After drinking it for a long time, I just learned that “milk tea” is a drink that has no benefits from tea leaves at all.

As you know, tea is a beverage that has been around for thousands of years. Because tea helps to quench thirst, relieve sleepiness, and also has properties for curing various diseases. such as antioxidants that originate from within the body’s cells anti-inflammatory Resists intestinal microorganisms, etc.

This is because of important substances in tea leaves called “tannins” or “tee polyphenols.”

Tannins in fresh tea leaves or green tea that have important medicinal effects include: A group of substances called catechins, which scientists have discovered has anti-disease effects. If drunk regularly. But the important substances from tea leaves tend to decompose easily and quickly when exposed to oxygen in the air and heat. Therefore, not all types of tea drinks provide health benefits,

especially “milk tea”, another popular drink nowadays. That has been found to When flavoring tea with milk, whether hot or cold, And whether it’s fresh milk Condensed milk or powder milk Proteins in milk bind with important substances in tea. and destroys the efficiency of active ingredients that are beneficial to the body Therefore. When drinking tea, you should drink pure tea, not flavored, because you will not receive any benefit from the tea leaves.