Benefits of swimming.

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Swimming is considered a sport or activity that has many positive effects. Many people like to exercise this way. which benefits are as follows

Health benefits  Great form of exercise because it allows every part of your body to move against the water. Makes the body exert more effort without feeling tired easily. It also has a positive effect on health such as UFABET

  • Helps increase heart rate with low impact on the body.
  • Helps to control weight.
  • Strengthen heart function and strengthen the lungs
  • Strengthen muscles Almost every muscle is used.

In addition, has many other benefits for players, including:

  • Relieve stress and cool off.
  • Increase flexibility to the body
  • Personality adjustment and helps to move the body better
  • It is an activity that helps in curing some types of illnesses. It is also a treatment that does not cause the body to receive much shock.

How many calories do swimming burn?

Swimming is an activity that helps burn more calories than usual. The amount of calories burned during depends on the swimming position. Intensity of exercise, body weight, expertise and duration of Normally, 1 hour will burn approximately 400 kilocalories of calories. If you are an athlete swimming, you will burn up to 700 kilocalories per hour. However, swimming will Must consider physical fitness. Because if you overdo it in the hope of burning calories, it may result in injury.