The format of playing cards, Pok 8 ,Pok 9 has the following steps

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How to play Pok 8 Pok 9 There are simple steps, anyone can play. Let’s see the method before starting. Master’s technique together at the end of the article let’s start How to play Pok 8 Pok 9 first

  • Players deposit money according to their wealth. but does not exceed the maximum limit that the dealer holds (If you don’t have the limit, you can fill it up.)
  • dealer Give each player 2 cards, will choose to circle left or right. Alright and then come to the end. yourself is the last
  • Players can see the cards. Then whoever gets the poker cards shows the cards and shouts. The cards are turned over immediately.
  • Anyone who mook, continues to play by counting their own points.
  • If the dealer is Pok, the game is over. **If the game is over, you can start the next turn.
  • Player can ask for a third card. If the total is still low *** If the dealer does not Pok Everyone has the right to request a third card.
  • To measure points, players will measure against dealer only If losing, pay money to the dealer.
  • payout rate that will have both Regular payouts, inner circles and special payouts or outer circles, which special pay rates for example Three cards, arranged cards, master cards, pair cards, 2 bounce cards and 3 bounce cards.

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